Ceramic Coating in Edmonton


What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a thermal barrier coating (TBC) usually applied to metallic services that operate at elevated temperatures. Ceramic coatings have become more and more popular for automotive parts, specifically designed to reduce heat loss from exhaust systems. When applied correctly ceramic coating can last up to 2-3 years depending on the general wear and tear of the object that it’s been applied to.

BMW exhaust manifold

BMW exhaust manifold

Snowmobile collection pipe, Cerakote High Gloss Clear

Snowmobile collection pipe, Cerakote High Gloss Clear

Ceramic coated snow sled part, Colour: Burnt Bronze

Ceramic coated snow sled part, Colour: Burnt Bronze


The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

There are many different benefits of ceramic coating, these include:

  • Maximum heat insulation on exhaust manifolds.

  • Reducing engine bay temperatures when used under-bonnet.

  • Help to prevent physical degradation of the composite material because of friction.

  • Ceramic coating bonds with the composite forming a tougher coat that prevents chips or flakes.

  • Ceramic coating can help objects look like new!

What Can You Ceramic Coat?

We can ceramic coat almost anything! Here are a few examples of our past ceramic coating projects:

  • Bed frames

  • Brake parts

  • Car mufflers

  • Engine blocks

  • Exhaust headers and manifolds

  • Fire pits

  • Ice drills (augers)

  • Knife blades

  • Motorcycle exhaust systems

  • Motors

  • Snowmobile collection pipes

  • Wheels

We focus on exterior ceramic coatings only. See our project gallery for inspiration for your next ceramic coating project and pick from our wide range of ceramic coating colour options. If you’re unsure if your object can be ceramic coated, don’t worry!

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Our Ceramic Coating Process

Our ceramic coating process is similar to our powder coating process, but there are a few notable differences.

1. One-On-One Consultation

Your one-on-one consultation is for us to meet and to discuss your overall project. We cover what you want done, preparation, timeline, pricing, and a date for pick-up.

2. Preparation

We prep our ceramic coating projects with an aluminium oxide blast to give it the right surface profile.

3. Client Catch Up

Once a project is prepped we like to update our clients on how it’s going. It never hurts to hear a “it’s going great!” Problems aren’t always avoidable and this is the time where we like to let clients know if their project is compromised, or if it may take a little longer to finish. We like to keep you informed — it’s important to us that you know what to expect.

4. Coating

We liquid spray our ceramic coating projects.

5. Curation

Clear ceramic coating only takes about 24 hours to cure, but regular ceramic coating projects take up to 7 days! Make sure to give this process some time.

6. Pick Up

All clients pick up their projects at our location so we can review the project together. This is the time where we discuss any warranties.


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